About Wendy and the James Gang

Almost 2/3 of all Christians accept Christ before the age of 17.  Almost 50% do so by age 13.

During a season of thriving adult ministry, The James Family noticed a gaping hole in local churches. In almost all of the communities they visited, the children’s ministry was severely underfunded, understaffed, and overwhelmed. Staff members were exhausted and volunteers were hard to come by making it almost impossible to reach the community and offer special events that draw children into the church and most importantly, to Jesus Christ. David, Wendy, Zac, and Ben felt the Lord directing them to change the course of their ministry. To help bolster churches and communities in their children’s ministry.

And so, Wendy and the James Gang was founded in 2000.

Over the next eight years, Wendy and the James Gang created three full-length productions that brought the gospel message to communities and churches nationwide and internationally. These productions focused on fun, engaging, original music and stories. They are also evangelistic, funny, and relevant to today’s kids (and their grown-ups).

Each show presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth way, which made it easy for kids and adults to see that God loves them and wants a relationship with them.

Nationally and internationally, the Gospel was shared with thousands of families with over 13,000 professions of faith!

If a person under the age of 13 is presented the Gospel, there is a 32% chance that they will respond affirmatively when asked.  Between ages 14-18, there is only a 4% chance.  After age 18, the probability is 6%.

A quick overview




Heard the Gospel

Accepted Jesus

Tour Retired

Instead of our traditional 5-day Vacation Bible School, we presented KingdomRock Live! with Wendy & the James Gang for three nights. Our attendance (kids and families) tripled and we had 35 first-time decisions to accept Christ (up from 12). We reduced our need for volunteers by 70%, which allowed us to channel their volunteer time to strengthen our other ministries. Several families who visited for the first time at these shows have now become full-time attendees of our church. It was the greatest outreach opportunity that we’ve experienced.

About the Productions

KIDS i: God Loves You!

God Loves You featured 11 exciting pop/rock/swing songs written to appeal not only to kids 2-12 but also their parents and grandparents, including fan-favorite “Run Devil Run.” God Loves You began touring in nationwide and internationally in 2000. In 2002, a six-week tour in South Africa began where the Gospel was shared with over 20,000 children and thousands said YES to Jesus. God Loves You was later reworked into “Secret Agent Man” as a part of KingdomRock Live’s three-day event. Listen on Youtube or enjoy on the go.

South Africa Tour, 2002

Six weeks. 41 Shows. Thousands of professions of Faith in Jesus. 


KIDS ii: Song of the King

Song of the King featured 12 exciting songs written to appeal to not only kids 2-12 but also their parents and grandparents, including “Jumpin’ Joy” and “Be-Bop Bible Bookin’ Boogie.” Song of the King began touring in 2003 nationwide, and later became a part of the KingdomRock Live! event until it was retired in 2008.

KingdromRock live!

In 2005, God Loves You was reworked to create Secret Agent Man, including new plot twists, costumes and set design. A new worship experience, called Backstage Pass, was also introduced. These two productions combined with Song of the King created a three-day event called KingdomRock Live! that toured in churches and communities nationwide until 2008.

Enjoy From Anywhere

Even though Wendy and the James Gang went off the road in 2008, but the music continues to be alive and relevant.
Enjoy at home, in Sunday School, or on the go! 

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Listen to Kids I: God Loves You and Kids II: Song of the King. Available for free with lyrics on YouTube.

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